The Best Time to Plant a Tree in India


The first and the most general thought that comes to the mind of many people is when they should plant trees. What is the right season to plant trees in India or in which months should trees be planted? The best time to plant a tree in India depends on the region and climate. Generally, the best time to plant a tree is during the monsoon season, which typically runs from June to September. This is because the soil is moist, and the rain provides the necessary nutrients for the tree to grow. It is also important to choose the right species of tree for the specific region and soil type.

We at 'Give Me Trees Trust' tell all our volunteers to plant trees on any of the 365 days because it improves their skills of taking care of plants in any season. They face challenges and come up with solutions, thereby their knowledge is increased. Gradually, they become experts in taking care of the trees no matter when they are planted. 

But, for the first timers, the best time to plant a tree (especially in North India) is in the month of June. June is the best planting season. This way your saplings will get plenty of water during the monsoon months of July, August, and September. Your plants get 3 months of rainfall. No matter how much water you use from water tankers, borewells, etc. the real growth and life in the plants comes after rainfall. So, the best time to plant trees is June, just before the monsoon season. 

If you plant trees during the monsoon months of July and August, then the soil becomes too muddy and moist most of the time, and the roots of the plants won’t be able to hold the ground that well. June is one of the best months for plantation.

The other best months to plant trees are February and March. Spring season is one of the best seasons to plant trees in India. During these months, the weather is not too hot, humid, or wet. It is a balanced season when there is a little bit of dew as well. 

We would recommend everyone plant as many tree saplings as possible from 10th March to 30th March. One has to take special care of saplings post-spring season and after a few non-seasonal rainfalls. Proper care and maintenance, such as regular watering and pruning, are crucial for the tree's survival and growth.

So, February, March, and June are the best seasons to plant trees in India.


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Best time to plant a tree


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