4 Best Flowering Trees to Plant


Flowering trees add a splash of vibrant colors and beauty to landscapes and urban environments. They create a visually appealing and picturesque setting, enhancing the overall aesthetics of an area.  They attract birds, butterflies, bees, and other pollinators, providing them with a source of food and shelter. They contribute to the biodiversity of an area and support the ecological balance.

Flowering trees with large canopies provide shade, which is especially valuable in hot climates. The shade created by these trees can reduce the temperature in their vicinity, providing a cooling effect in the atmosphere around them.

Here are 4 best flowering trees that can be planted for aesthetic appeal as well as their multifaceted benefits:

1. Gulmohar

Gulmohar (Delonix regia) is also known as the Flame Tree or Royal Poinciana. It is a fast-growing tree crowned with fiery red or orange flowers when in bloom. As a deciduous tree, it filters pollutants from the air, helping to improve urban air quality. The dense foliage of the Gulmohar and its broad canopy offers a cooling effect, reducing the intensity of the heat in its immediate surroundings. The Gulmohar holds cultural and symbolic value in various regions where it is grown, often associated with beauty, life, and vitality. Gulomhar is indeed a widely planted flowering tree that adds beauty to the surroundings.

Gulmohar Flowering Tree


2. Amaltas

Amaltas (Cassia fistula) is also known as the Indian Laburnum or the Golden Shower tree. It is one of the most beautiful flowering trees to plant in India. Amaltas is highly valued for its stunning and abundant golden-yellow flowers that hang down in pendulous clusters. It adds a vibrant and cheerful touch to any landscape or garden. The “yellow rain” has a distinct aesthetic appeal. Various parts of the Amaltas tree, including the bark, leaves, and fruits, have been used in traditional medicine for their therapeutic properties. It is believed to have laxative, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties, among others. It is also often associated with celebrations, festivals, and auspicious occasions in South Asia.

Amaltas Flowering Tree


3. Jacaranda

Jacaranda tree is adorned with beautiful blue or violet flowers when in bloom. It often gives an impression of a lavender cherry blossom. It can be used for cosmetic purposes like reducing acne, treating wrinkles, improving skin conditions, and healing skin inflammation. Jacaranda provides pleasant open shade and is an effective windbreak, but is most widely planted as an ornamental tree. If you are looking to plant a flowering tree near your house, then Jacaranda is a good option to consider.

Jacranda Flowering Tree


4. Kachnar

Kachnar (Bauhinia variegata), also known as the ‘Tree of Life’ is not only a wonderful ornamental tree but also an important herbal plant in the Ayurvedic medicine system. It is admired for its large, showy, rosy purple, fragrant, and beautiful orchid-like flowers. It has a very dense shade and is almost perennially evergreen, thus proving to be quite crucial to urban plantations. The Kachnar flower in addition to being attractive is also edible and is used in curries in some parts of India.

Kachnar Flowering Tree


These flowering trees are some of the best ones that you can plant around your house. They are not eaten by cattle and other animals and can thus be planted as avenue trees. With the aspect of beautification come their many beneficiary qualities in terms of the environment, making them suitable choices for plantation.


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Best Flowering Trees


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