• i-Tree is a global state-of-the software developed by the US Forest Service, Davey Tree Expert Company and Partners to calculate the benefits of trees. Give Me Trees has been trained extensively on using i-Tree to calculate various ecosystem services provided by trees and shrubs.

Who can benefit from the trainings?

  • 1. Science students (Undergraduate, Masters, PhD) in any branch/stream. Environmental sciences is preferred, but all branches are encouraged to apply
  • 2. Schools, colleges and universities who want to adopt i-Tree as a part of their curriculum
  • 3. PhD students who want on work on calculation of tree benefits as a thesis subject
  • 4. Anyone else who is interested to learn about the calculation of benefits provided by trees

The trainings include the following aspects:

  • 1.Using i-Tree software to calculate the benefits and ecosystem services of trees
  • 2.Field data collection of trees using mathematical methods
  • 3.Tree canopy survey using remote sensing technology
  • 4.Change in tree cover over years using satellite imagery
  • 5.Creating tree tags for individual trees along with their benefits

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Contact Number: +91 9811258236