Gift a Tree

Give Me Trees Trust is bringing you an opportunity to plant and adopt trees on the special days of your life - birthdays, anniversaries or festivals. Celebrate by planting, adopting and gifting trees. We will take care of your trees, till they become independent & mature.

Our main philosophy is not just to plant trees, but to maintain them for at least 3 years so that they become self-sufficient. In a tree's journey of growth, just 10% of the time, efforts and money goes to plantation and 90% go to the maintenance work which involves the following:


Plants need several kgs of manure every few months.


Mulching is a process done to ensure that saplings are not overexposed to direct sunlight. This helps in moisture retention and keeps the soil cool.


Each sapling planted needs watering for atleast twice a week for 3 years.


We do a 5-layer perimeter fencing at our afforestation sites to prevent grazing animals and unwanted human intervention from damaging the saplings planted.

Manpower Costs

We have a dedicated team of tree planting experts, who have gone through extensive trainings to ensure that planted saplings are well nourished and healthy, and become independent trees after 3 years.

Help us to increase the green cover
of the country.

Gift Now (Donation)


**Give Me Trees Trust is a charitable trust, and all donations made will be tax-exempt under Section 80G of Income Tax Act.
You contribution will make a huge difference and will provide annual benefits of:
Carbon Sequestration
(per year)
Air Pollution Removal
(per year)
(per year)
Oxygen Production
(per year)
0 kg 0 g 0 0 kg

*Calculated based on the number of trees selected

Cost per tree: INR 400 (total cumulative cost over 3 years)

Detailed breakdown of how we use the funds we receive for plantation of trees and their maintenance over 3 years:

S.No. Expense head % of Total cost
A One time cost
A1 Procurement of saplings 10%
A2 Planting of saplings (digging of pits)
B Recurring costs (for maintenance of planted saplings for 3 years)
B1 Composting 6%
B2 Mulching 8%
B3 Watering 6%
B4 Protection of saplings by fencing/ tree guards 2%
B5 Other afforestation site expenses for maintenance: (Repair of equipment, purchase of lime, bamboo support for plants, small hut for workers, grass cutting, digging of water bodies and many other expenses) 25%
B6 Tools and equipment for plantation 3%
B7 Manpower costs 35%
B8 Miscellaneous expenses 5%
C Total 100%