How to make compost pits


Composting converts organic matter, such as garden waste and kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich material that improves the soil and boosts up plant’s growth.

Creating a compost pit requires burying kitchen or garden waste, such as chopped leaves or grass clippings, in a simple pit or trench. Since most haven’t seen and always wonder what exactly a compost pit should look like and what is its main purpose. A compost pit is basically a bumping zone where all leaves, twigs; kitchen waste can be dumped and left for it to become manure.

A compost pit ideally can be of size 8 ft by 5 ft and 4ft deep. Inside the pit one can put the available garden waste, farm waste, weeds, grass cuttings, grass shavings, twigs, and dead branches. In the jungle plants keep growing and dead branches keep falling. Put them all inside the pits.

Apart from just the leaves and the twigs, cow dung can as well be collected from various places and be put inside the pits and mixed thoroughly. Lightly sprinkle some water and the pit is ready for the composting process. Wait at least six weeks for the scraps to decompose. It is a very easy and completely natural way of making compost without any chemicals.

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