Is working from forests the future of corporate work


After the pandemic situation of 2020, work from home came as a new concept and now in the post pandemic period a new concept is evolving that is about work from mountains and hill stations. These all new things are coming up and the future lies in the forests only.


Now for this concept forest offices will be made but how? People will make cottages in forests and rent them as offices to various organisations so that they can come and work. All the facilities like wi-fi and broadband, printers, scanners and other devices will be provided. The green spaces whether it is urban area, rural area, national parks or wildlife sanctuaries the government should encourage this thing and the corporate should take the lead in creating these forest offices.

Basically the offices in the forest can give clean and fresh air. Being surrounded by nature improves concentration and enhances productivity. It also lessens attention fatigue and encourages work involvement. Plants have a relaxing impact on people, with the reduction of stress enabling them to build encouraging connections with others. If you require only a laptop and wifi to work then how would it matter if you sit in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai or Mumbai or any peaceful forest.

Working from forests or any green spaces doesn’t mean that we should cause harm to nature. We should come up with sustainable ways to be in balance with nature.

So this age of office services in the Jungles or forest will definitely see its existence in 1-1.5 yrs seeing  the pollution, traffic, urban crowd which will force all the office facilities to shift to the forest for peace and calmness.

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