• Give Me Trees Trust was born in 1977 with a simple mission to increase the tree population of our country.
  • As an eco-club for children, it started off by planting common shade trees along the roads, state highways, national highways, schools, parks, and public spaces.
  • It was the age of hobby clubs and Give Me Trees gradually formed into a movement.
  • By 2010, GMT became the largest tree planting and preservation movement in the country, having its footprint in over 100 districts of India.


  • With community engagement, eco-clubs in schools, lectures in colleges, gatherings in villages, and reaching out to people wherever possible, the Give Me Trees tribe grew dramatically once social media took over the Indian landscape.
  • Not just raising saplings in nurseries and planting, the vision was also to set new standards in the preservation and caretaking of the planted areas.

Jobs for migrants

  • GMT added value to the lives of the field workers who were predominantly small and marginalised farmers. Young boys and girls for jobs in urban areas freshly migrated from villages became our workforce.


  • To bring at least 50% of India under green cover and cultivate a love for flora and fauna.

Our Belief

  • We believe that many people have good intentions for the environment but they need a good platform and opportunity to reveal their intent. People want to do good for the planet and the environment. They just need to join hands with genuine movements, social groups, and NGOs. The seed of goodness needs good soil to germinate. GMT provides that opportunity.