Look for seeds wherever you go


Seed collections are the first step in an extensive process that brings new plant materials and it is also a fun activity to perform. Whenever you go out for a walk or just visit a park or hill station, the countryside there are beautiful roads and avenues trees. Look for seeds at such places. Most seeds mature and fall on the ground. Make sure you carry some empty bottles with you. These empty bottles will help you collect as many seeds as possible on the way.

A glass bottle is the best thing to collect seeds in and you can close it also. A little hole can be created in the lid to provide aeration to the seeds. Refrain from using plastic bottles or poly bags. You can use cloth  bags as an alternative. Collect seeds, preserve them and as soon as possible transfer them into the ground or a planter or a nursery bag so that they can start being what they are meant to be, and that is a sapling to a big shade tree. 

Start collecting seeds whenever you go on the road. What really matters is how many seeds you can collect and what variety of species you can collect. Bring all of them back home and plant them safe and sound.

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