Trees are important. But how much? How to actually quantify tree benefits? We use global state-of-the-art software i-Tree developed by the US Forest Service, Davey Tree Expert Company & Partners to calculate the impact created by the trees. This can help corporations and decision makers become more sustainable and green and decide how many trees to plant and their benefits to the ecosystem.

We provide the following services:

1.Impact assessment and creating detailed reports

  • i. Carbon sequestration & storage
  • ii. Air pollution removal
  • iii. Oxygen production
  • iv. Potential rains caused by trees
  • v. Avoided runoff
  • vi. Energy benefits
  • vii. Area under tree canopy

2.Forecasting the impact of afforestation projects

  • Forecasting and trend analysis
  • We forecast the impact of trees and over many years, calculating the ecosystem services provided by trees, like carbon absorption, air pollution removal, oxygen production and other benefits.

  • Monitoring increase in canopy cover
  • We calculate and monitor the year on year increase in tree canopy cover, and find out the yearly tree benefits for trees.

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