How long does it take for saplings to grow into trees


One of the most asked common questions by many people is how much time planted sapling takes to become a tree and how soon can it provide shade. Every species has a different lifespan and growth rate. This varying life span leads to a wide variety of different-sized trees dependent upon a variety of factors. Tree growth contains different meanings. Trees grow both ways vertically. We see a tree growing in width and height over the years and sometimes forget about the underground growth. Some trees grow their roots all year, while only their trunks and branches may grow in select seasons.

Neem tree, for instance, of a size of 6 inch can grow up to 16-17 ft in 3 years. So roughly every year the tree grows 5 ft. In a span of 5 years it can easily cross 25-30 ft. The crown of any tree is very important. The crown of the Neem tree starts from 10-12 ft and beyond that canopy starts to develop. If the tree is 10 years old then one can roughly have a 40 ft wide canopy of the Neem tree.

Whereas, the growth rate of peepal trees is double, on an average every year peepal trees grow 10 ft. in height. Trees like peepal tree, banyan tree, pilkhan tree, gular tree keep growing for their whole life. They just keep getting better and bigger every time. These trees can grow at an exponential rate.

Within 5 years you can get a good canopy, crown and shade. This all is possible provided they are watered well along with good manure and protected well from cows, buffaloes, goats and secured. In 5 years a sapling can become a tree and in 10 years a bigger height tree with healthy and good canopy.

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