How to choose correct tree planting and gardening tool


The tool with which you work whether in horticulture, farming, gardening or afforestation site the tool should always be as per your comfort and convenience.

Different tools are designed to perform different operations and help in carrying out day‐to‐day farm tasks efficiently, easily, timely and economically. It is necessary to choose the appropriate tool for performing a task effectively and timely.

The common garden tools are:

  • Garden gloves: They are essential as they protect your hands against dirt and injury.
  • Wheelbarrow: It is ideal if you have a large backyard to cultivate, assisting you in a lot of tasks. You can use it to move dirt, compost and even stacks of leaves smoothly across your property.
  • Hand Trowel: It is ideal for transferring dirt into pots and planting seedlings, it will be more accessible if you dig soil or transport plants from your vegetable garden using a hand trowel.
  • Digging shovel: It makes lifting, digging and shifting soil, coal, snow, sand and gravel a lot easier.
  • Digging Spade: This tool is ideal to use in tight spaces and digging holes for plants and bushes. Just like the shovel, a garden spade is also great for transporting dirt and in general, digging in your yard.
  • Bow rake: It’s an indispensable tool for people who have a yard. This tool to clear the leaves or even spread mulch.

The handle grip of any tool either plastic, steel, wooden has to be as per the comfort of the person using it.  Just because you have seen someone using a specific type of tool would not mean that you can use it as well with the same comfort. Your comfort, your body, your physiology, your shoulder strength, the wrist movement and the elbow is all on your body structure.

Your wrist work decides which tool to use whether a spud or sickle or machete or a shovel. So it is always recommended to choose your own tool. Be comfortable with them and if with any tool you have any discomfort then stop using them.  These uncomfortable tools can later land you in trouble by giving joint pains, frozen shoulders, tennis elbow or anything. If you want to keep working for the long term then always remember that your tool is your partner, so choose wisely and carefully.

Choosing a tool that you are comfortable with will be a hit and trial situation. You will have to try different sizes and shapes of tools and home on to the most comfortable one, the one that will be your long term partner enabling a comfortable and efficient working with more and more results.

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