Change the soil around your tree sapling


Just like plants need tilling for healthy growth similarly they also need replacement of soil. Overtime plants use up many of the soil’s nutrients and organic matter as a result soil becomes hard and won’t hold water and nutrients well. So a regular repotting and mixing of soil is necessary for the plants to thrive.

One main thing to take care of while repotting or replacing the soil of the plant is to not disturb the root stock of the plant. Rather than uprooting almost the entire plant, a simple process can be followed to replace the soil of the plants at home.

Collect the soil of all the planters together and mix them all well. There can be some yellow or black soil, just mix them all. The nutrients will be exchanged and so will the micro organism. The population of microorganisms will increase which will make the soil more nourishing. The compost can also be added to this potting mixture. It will increase the nutrient content of the soil.

There are several benefits of repotting  and soil replacement:

  • Even if you fertilise regularly, repotting with new soil provides a nutrient boost that will give your plant what it needs to thrive.
  • With time the plant is likely to get root bound and as a result there is no water retention in the soil. Repotting will free these roots and will help plants get water.
  • Repotting enhances a stronger, growing root system.
  • Repotting also prevents mainly soil-borne diseases.

Basically if anything lacks in one soil mixing with another fulfils all the nutrients and creates a balance. Therefore we must always mix soils to different planters or areas to ensure nutrient goodness to the plants.

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