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Give Me Trees organizes a lot of group tree planting sessions with volunteers, residential societies, colleges, universities, NGOs and many other organizations.

Give Me Trees arranges for the end to end tree support for tree planting activities – saplings, required tools, water, safety gear and tree care items.

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Community Engagement

  • Seed collection

    Our volunteers from all over India send us all kinds of seeds via courier. We germinate them in our nurseries, plant and maintain them for the next three years till the time they become independent.

  • Plant care & maintenance

    Many volunteers regularly visit the sites and help with many activities such as mulching, composting, watering, site and nursery maintenance.

  • Sapling extraction

    Volunteers also help us in extracting roots and saplings of various Ficus species like Peepal, Banyan, Gular, and Pilkhan from pipes, drains, walls, and roads.

  • Composting

    Many households and RWA societies are diligently involved in this process. Nearby residents drop their kitchen waste at the plantation site for compost production.