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1 Change the soil around your tree sapling

Just like plants need tilling for healthy growth similarly they also need replacement of soil. Ov..

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2 How to choose correct tree planting and gardening tool

The tool with which you work whether in horticulture, farming, gardening or afforestation site th..

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3 Is working from forests the future of corporate work

After the pandemic situation of 2020, work from home came as a new concept and now in the post pa..

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4 How to recharge ground water using water recharge pits

There is something called water recharge pits that help in recharging the groundwater. These pits..

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5 How to make compost pits

Composting converts organic matter, such as garden waste and kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich ma..

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6 How to get high quality soil for plants at no cost

The soil that we purchase from nurseries for potting plants is no different from the one that we ..

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7 How long does it take for saplings to grow into trees

One of the most asked common questions by many people is how much time planted sapling takes to b..

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8 Are some plants evil?

In nature, there are all kinds of plants and they all have an important ecological role to play i..

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9 Look for seeds wherever you go

Seed collections are the first step in an extensive process that brings new plant materials and i..

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