About GiveMeTrees

GiveMeTrees started as a hobby activity for planting trees by some students in 1977. Three decades later, in 2011 it was registered as a environmental charity dedicated to planting and conserving trees. Today, GiveMeTrees Trust is one of the largest community based voluntary tree planting and conservation movements in the world.

GiveMeTrees has planted over 12 million shade trees across India. The effort is dedicated to planting for three Bs...bees, birds and butterflies. Shade and fruit trees, native trees and shrubs, are priority for preservation and conservation. GiveMeTrees has planted the largest number of Peepal and Neem trees in the world.

GiveMeTrees team consists of volunteers from all walks of life. Over 8,500 volunteers and interns across the country help conserve the tree saplings that are planted in various public and private places such as gardens, roadsides, highways, expressways, road medians, schools, colleges, university areas, military stations, mountains and river banks.

Community education, awareness and volunteer mobilization campaigns are a priority activity for team GiveMeTrees.

He has planted and facilitated the planting and preservation of approximately 1.5 crore trees in his lifetime. Today, 39 years later, at the age of 49, he is still working at planting and preserving Peepal trees.

Peepal Baba

Next year, he truns 50 and completes 40 years of planting Peepal trees in India. What started as a student eco club in 1977, Give Me Trees became a movement and in October 2011, it was registered as a Charitable Trust in Delhi with the sole purpose of spreading the knowledge and love for trees among the populations of this country.

Volunteers from across the country have helped and supported Peepal Baba over the years. He has a post graduate in English Literature. He also has a Masters degree in Mass Communications. He teaches college students for a living and spends the rest of his day traveling and teaching people the art of planting trees. He has planted over 1.5 crore trees out of which 1 crore and 5 lakh trees still stand tall and are giving shade to this planet.

He promotes natural farming techniques and gives talks on organic farming. He promotes the cause of desi cow, gobar manure, composting, waste management and intensive tree planting in form of green belts and city forests. He has planted over 60 lakh Peepal trees. Other varieties planted include Banyan, Pilkhan, Jamun, Mango, Neem, Sheesham and Babool. He travels across the country and promotes the love for trees among children, social clubs, societies, NGOs, colleges, universities and other institutions. John Abraham has gifted him a Yamaha bike so that he can travel long distances through the countryside to promote tree planting. Except Kerala, he has visited all parts of the country including the remotest corners of Ladakh and the North East. Swami Prem Parivartan is popularly known as Peepal Baba. He was born in Chandigargh in 1966.

Born into an illustrious Jain family of businessmen and academicians, he chose to be a teacher as a career. A voracious reader, books are his first love. His favorite author has always been Ruskin Bond. People gave him the name "Peepal Baba" as his name became synonymous with tree planting work in India.